30W LED Floodlights

30W LED Floodlights

30W LED Floodlights

At Energy Saving Online we have a range of low energy saving LED floodlights and security lights to suit all your needs. LED floods us up to 90% less energy than standard halogen floodlights and also can last far longer.

Our 30W range of LED floodlights come in 3 light colours, daylight/cool white, Natural White and warm white.

All our LED floodlights come with a 2 year guarantee and will save you a great deal on your electrical costs compared to halogen lamps. These 30W LED floods are ultra bright, well built and is fitted correctly very long lasting.

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We have a very complete and cheap priced range of 30 Watt Floodlights including motion detection PIR versions. All of our LED floods are IP65 rated and ideal for indside and outside use.

Buy your LED floodlights from us at Energy Saving Products Ltd today for the very cheapest offers and deals from our wide range of low energy saving LED security lights and floods.

We only stock the very best and long lasting low energy saving LED floodlights. We stock both standard premium floodlights and also premium motion sensor (motion detector) floodlights.